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May 2017 Archives

Business litigation: Get help creating partnership contracts

Starting a business in Ohio or elsewhere is a big move. In order to help ease some of the burdens of owning and operating a company, many people choose to go into business with a partner or bring someone else on board after everything is up and running. Having clear goals and expectations for the partnership is key. These can be documented in a partnership contract which is useful to have in the event a dispute arises that requires business litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods to work out.

Ohio family law: I need to relocate, what are my custody rights?

Life does not stop after a marriage ends. People have to move forward and sometimes that means needing to relocate. This may come with a change in employment, the need for family support or to start a new relationship -- among other things. Whatever the reason, if children are going to be affected by the move, custody rights will come into question. In Ohio, it will be necessary to request any custody changes in a family law court before the move takes place.

Ohio family law: Child support Q and A, conclusion

Over the last several weeks, this column has addressed common questions that parents in Ohio may have about child support. This week's post will be the conclusion of this series. The topic on the agenda is terminating a support order. This will only be a brief overview, so if one is in need of further information, one can turn to a family law attorney for assistance.

Ohio personal injury: Whiplash can have significant consequences

Anyone, in Ohio or elsewhere, who has ever been involved in a rear-end auto collision has likely experienced some form of neck and back pain from a whiplash injury. For some, these are issues that will clear up on their own with rest and over-the-counter pain medication. For others, chronic pain may require extensive medical procedures to treat. Regardless, this type of personal injury can affect one's life in a variety of ways.

Ohio family law: Child support Q and A, part III

Numerous parents who are ordered to pay child support find themselves unable to keep up with their financial obligations. Monetary issues happen, it is just a part of life for a lot of people. However, not paying child support is not an option according to the state. Ohio family law allows for enforcement options to be used in order to collect child support from those parents who are behind on their payments. This week's column will address questions some non-custodial parents may have about support enforcement.

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