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June 2017 Archives

Suffer personal injury due to a distracted truck driver?

Despite state laws and federal regulations that commercial drivers must abide by, it is not hard to spot a semi driver who is distracted due to using a cellphone. It is unfortunate that, because of this simple act, one might suffer a personal injury or worse if an accident results. Ohio residents who have been hurt or lost loved ones in collisions with distracted semi drivers may have legal recourse.

Ohio criminal law: Wondering if drug court is an option for you?

Being charged with a drug offense is not an easy thing with which to deal. Prosecuting attorneys in the state of Ohio are not going to treat it lightly, and unless you know how to navigate the court system, you could end up receiving the maximum punishment allowed under the law. A criminal law attorney may be able to help you in either seeking a case dismissal or pursing alternative sentencing options -- such as drug court.

Ohio family law: Nesting, how does it work?

When a couple chooses to have children, they plan on raising those children under one roof until they are ready to leave the nest. When divorce enters the picture, however, for most people this plan is thrown out the window and children are shuffled between the new residences of their parents. What if frequently moving children around could be avoided? Well, it can, but it requires a lot of effort from the parents. Nesting is a living arrangement that is not really recognized under Ohio family law, but it can be an option for those who are wanting to give it a shot.

Ohio family law: Hidden assets an issue in gray divorce

The number of couples getting divorces later in life is somewhat staggering. Their reasons for doing so are understandable, however, as no one really wants to spend his or her retirement years in an unhappy marriage. The problem that family law attorneys in Ohio and elsewhere are seeing with gray divorces, though, is spouses trying to hide assets. This can result in an unfair settlement and greatly impact one's future financial situation.

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