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August 2017 Archives

Ohio family law: What do the experts say about divorce?

Before considering divorce, quite a few people want to know what the experts have to say about the topic. The experts, or course, are those individuals who have studied divorce and divorce rates. There are a lot of myths floating out there about marriage dissolutions that many family law attorneys would like put to rest. This week, this column will address some actual facts about divorce that Ohio residents may be interested in learning.

Ohio family law: The Jolie-Pitt divorce on hold

For most couples in Ohio and elsewhere who decide to end their marriages, the divorce process is not always easy or straightforward. This is particularly true for those who have quite a few shared assets -- such as the Jolie-Pitts. This high profile divorce has been in the news and the latest information is saying that the process has been put on hold due to former couple's inability to agree on what to do with their assets. They are likely counting on their individual family law attorneys to help them through this difficult time so that each party can walk away satisfied with the final result.

Family law: Dividing business assets in divorce

Division of assets in a divorce can be a challenging process for business owners. In preparation, it would likely be wise to learn and understand the state laws relating to the definitions of separate property, the validity of marriage agreements and other aspects of Ohio family law that might come into play. To lessen the divorce's impact on the business, the owner can start by gathering all the business records such as agreements, financial statements and accounting records along with a current valuation.

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